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Why You Need


We are all too familiar with the fluctuation in business demands for staff as they go through various phases and cycles. Megacrew is available to help you navigate the peaks and troughs associated with seasonal demands, so you do not have to deal with the impacts of needlessly over or under staffing your business.

We provide the answer to consolidating your staff numbers by catering for your current business demands simply and efficiently with access to high quality at call crew anywhere/anytime.

Labour Hire Made Easy

We do all the heavy lifting so you can get on with running your business without experiencing the massive headaches of direct staff resource management.

Megacrew is a 24 by 7 operation that provides the crew you need anytime and where you need them throughout Australia’s capital cities and most major regional areas.

Let us help you get ahead of the curve of managing your resources either via telephone or on line at the click of a button! 

Regular users of our services receive a dedicated account manager who will make sure they know all about your business needs and will provide a point of contact whenever you need them.

Labour Cost Savings

Megacrew’s intelligent workflows enable many of the traditional back-office administration processes to be automated, therefore we pass on the cost savings to our valued customers. At the very least, Megacrew aims to match the costs of other agencies whilst providing simplicity, enhanced user-friendly features and greater value than our competitors.  

Hire Staff with Confidence

Megacrew understand the pressures of managing full time staff, especially through uncertain and difficult times. The hiring and staff management process is expensive and puts the responsibilities on the employer to make sure they are abiding by a very long list of government stipulated regulations and associated penalties.

Quality Crew Members

Megacrew take away the pain by providing you with the crew you need when you need them. Whether you need crew members a couple of hours a week or 40 or more hours a week, we relieve the pain by delivering quality staff every time so you can get on with what you do best, running your business. 

All crew members are assessed using our stringent vetting process. Our goal is to make sure that you get the best experience from crew members you can trust to complete your work efficiently.

Crew Leadership Model 

If you have a large gig and need to get the very best out of you allocated crew, we assign crew leaders that manage the team to focused and deliver the highest productivity for your specific needs. Each crew leader wears a specific-coloured vest while onsite, so they are easily identified. This also simplifies any task orientated briefings, as the crew leader receives each task brief and makes sure that all their crew is fully aware of their roles and responsibilities to complete each task.

Infections Control Policy

We take infection control seriously. In addition to branded face-masks, we have put in place Infections Control Policy to make sure that our crew members are aware of their duties in regard to managing infection.

CrewCard - Online App

The secret to Megacrew’s success is our ability to simplify the booking and management of your crew, anywhere at any time with our exclusive Megacrew App called CrewCard. 

All clients of Megacrew receive our mobile app so you can simply book crew online, anytime of the day or night, quickly and efficiently. 

Get the resources you need when you need them!

Our app sends three reminder messages prior to each shift, including an “En Route Reminder” prior to their scheduled shift. If crew members do not confirm they are on the way to your job, we assign replacements, so you have the resources you need every time.

Choose Your Own Crew

You can decide whether you want our Operators to assign the best crew to your job, or you can select “Choose Your Own Crew” when making a booking. This excellent feature allows you to browse the profiles of candidates that have applied for your job and read their reviews and star ratings. You then select the candidates that best meet your requirements. Like many of our satisfied clients, if you have had a great experience with one or more of our crew members, you can choose them and add them to your crew.

Simplified Work Health and Safety

We have many WHS solutions that can be tailored to suit your needs. Whether we you have you own WHS or need us to back you up with ours, we will make the whole process simple for you so you can leave it to us, and just get on with the job. Let us help you set up a solution that works best for you. Our App includes safety forms for your convenience, with all the details of the booking pre-filled and ready for mobile on screen sign off. Experience the simplicity of all your SWMS, Inductions, Incident Report Forms, Hazard Reports and Tool Box Talks all included in our online App.

Repeat Bookings

Just press Repeat and choose a new start date to re-book any jobs you like in seconds. 

Timesheet Approval

See all times of Staff, including GPS times of their Check In and Check Out including breaks and approve or edit and approve crew times.

More App


See all work times of your crew, including GPS times of their check In, check out and breaks with the ability to approve or edit and approve crew times all online using our exclusive app.